HRxMED now being offered at all of our Primary Care offices: 

HRxMED is a medical membership that allows access to affordable medical care for minor injuries, minor illnesses, preventative medicine, yearly physicals, wellness checks, and more for a monthly fee. 

HRxMED Membership options:  Members may choose from one of the following

  1. 50/20 policy – $50.00 fee is charged monthly and a $20.00 exam fee is charged at each visit. (this membership option allows the member to have a low-cost visit and unlimited access to HRxMED in-clinic “provided services” at no additional charge).
  2. 20/50 policy – $20.00 fee is charged monthly and a $50.00 exam fee is charged at each visit. (this membership option allows the member to have a low monthly premium with unlimited access to HRxMED in-clinic provided services 50% discount off of cash prices, if provided services are needed. 

HRxMED Provided Services: Medical examination, medications, procedures, lab work, x-rays in referral network for which HRxMED HRxMED provides coverage (see “provided services”) 

HRxMED Services NOT Covered: *Medical Treatment for life/limb threatening events such as gunshot wounds, heart attacks, serious infections, etc. or management of chronic conditions such as cancer. * Costs for medical services, treatment and/or hospitalizations at any facility other than Healthremede Walk-In Clinic Locations. * Special diagnostic tests such as outside labs, ultrasounds, mammograms, MRIs, CT scans, PET scans, and other special x-rays that are not provided at the Clinic. *certain lab work and x-ray studies are offered with HRxMED membership and have been discounted to patient through Healthremede Walk-In Clinics. See provided services * Physical, speech, and occupational therapy, chronic pain management, weight loss, psychiatric emergency, major psychiatric management, out of clinic pharmacy costs, or workers compensation services * Vision, hearing, or obstetric services. * Any condition that the attending provider believes should, in the best interest of the patient, be treated by  alternate provider or facility better equipped to manage the disease or ailment.

HRxMED contracts and forms attached.  Please contact any of our offices for more information regarding program participation and details.

Health Remede HRxMED Information Card

HRxMED Service Locations:

  1. 3235 PERKINS RD, BATON ROUGE, LA 70808 | 225.387.3030 
  2. 8742 GOODWOOD BLVD BATON ROUGE, LA 70806 | 225.231.7070 
  3. 13466 VERA MCGOWAN RD. WALKER, LA 70785 | 225.380.1720